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Fire Department Communications

Asst Chief Glenn Phillips will be moving around and reprograming your digital radios, and be doing them all the same way, both in the channels we’re adding and in the way we set up the key assignment. This will reduce confusion in the long run. He'll be moving around the stations to get the apparatus programmed in the next few days.He will announce over the radio when he is at your station so you can come in and get your portable done then. We will also have a couple of countywide makeup days.

Digital Repeater System

In cooperation with Mercer EMS, Inc. and the Mercer County Emergency Management Agency, the Mercer County Fire District recently constructed a state-of-the-art digital radio repeater system to provide communications capabilities for first responders in Mercer County. Numerous factors played in to the construction of this system including the need to replace aging communications infrastructure and a mandate from the FCC which requires radio spectrum users such as police and fire agencies to upgrade to more efficient, modern equipment. Our new radio system consists of four radio repeaters located throughout the county, new mobile and portable radios, and dispatch software and hardware. The system is a conventional, non-simulcast repeater system in the VHF frequency band. (This means that the repeater stations operate independently from one another which would allow for no breaks in communications with field units in the event of a major disaster or the failure of one or more towers.) The new system is capable of operating in both digital and analog modes and provides portable radio coverage to 97% of the county and mobile coverage to 100% of the county and beyond. For more information on the technology we are using, please see our portable and mobile radio pages.

Paging System

Although still sporadically in use, MCFPD will begin phasing out the use of analog pagers for dispatch purposes. The availability of commercial apps, such as eDispatches and IamResponding, has enhanced the ability of the 911 center to transmit data to our first responders in addition to voice instruction. Data includes CAD-link information, automatic map routing to scene and response information in real-time.

Live Audio

Click on the "play" button below to hear live radio traffic on the Mercer County Fire District primary comm system. . This inlcudes all dispatch and most routine traffic, but does not include fireground channel traffic. There is a slight delay of a few seconds, depending on Internet connection speeds. If your browser does not support this service, you may visit the RadioReference Mercer County Audio Feeds Page to select a different listening method.